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Court Order Regarding Oversized Vehicle Parking Lists and Map - July 21, 2021

The City of Pacifica has installed OSV (Oversized Vehicle) parking restriction signs throughout the City based on an engineering safety review, which determined where OSVs could park in the City without impacting the safety of roadway users. These signs are located at roadway entrances into the City, entrances to specific neighborhoods and along stretches of specific City roadway. Many streets where OSVs cannot park without impacting driver safety have sign restrictions in place; however, not every prohibited street has signage.  

The list of where OSVs cannot park is viewable here: Streets prohibited for OSV parking. In addition, pursuant to a court order, the City is required to make a map and a list of where OSVs can legally park available to the public in a specified manner. The list of streets available for OSV parking is viewable here: Streets allowable for OSV parking. The map showing the streets where OSVs can park is viewable here: Map of streets allowable for OSV parking. The City has also made the lists and a link to the map to be made available upon request at the Pacifica-Sharp Park Library, the Pacifica-Sanchez Library, and at City Hall.  Please contact those Libraries and the City for any access limitations put in place due to COVID-19. 

There are other ordinances, laws, or codes governing parking, such as restrictions on OSVs parking within one hundred (100) feet of an uncontrolled intersection on a public street [Pacifica Muni. Code Sec. 4-7.1205(a)(2)], 72 hour parking restrictions [Pacifica Muni. Code Sec. 5-2.01 et seq.], blocking driveways [Cal. Vehicle Code Sec. 22500(e)], parking in front of fire hydrants [Cal. Vehicle Code Sec. 22514], bus zones [Pacifica Muni. Code Sec. 4-7.1306], loading zones [Pacifica Muni. Code Sec. 4-7.1302], etc. that also may apply to parking on the City streets that are not specifically identified on the lists or map.   There may also be sections within the allowable street segments that the Traffic Engineer has determined are unsafe for OSV parking and has posted no parking signs.  Further, these lists and the map may be updated as changes are made to the City’s roadways by resolution of the City Council or pursuant to a finding of the Traffic Engineer identified by signage that may make the area either safe or unsafe for OSVs to park on.  [Pacifica Muni. Code Sec. 4-7.1204(b); Sec. 4-7.1205(a)]

The below bullet points offer more information regarding OSV parking in the City:

  • Due to traffic safety concerns, the City of Pacifica passed ordinance updates to section 4-7.1204 & 4-7.1205 of the City’s Municipal Code.
  • Effectively, outside of loading and unloading for less than 8 hours pursuant to 4-7.1205b, over sized vehicles as defined by the above code sections (22' Long or 7' wide or 8' high) are not allowed to park on a number of roads within the City’s limits. 

Should you have any questions regarding parking your oversized vehicle you may call the Pacifica Police Department at 650-738-7314.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions regarding OSVs.

( Full PDF Version of For The Record - July 21, 2021 )