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Sharp Park Projects

  1. Sharp Park Specific Plan - Project to establish a blueprint for development and preservation on the blocks surrounding Palmetto Avenue and Beach Boulevard between Paloma Avenue and Clarendon Road, as well as adjacent areas of potential change east of Highway 1. 
  2. Sharp Park & Sanchez Library - Project seeking to rebuild and transform the Sharp Park and Sanchez libraries into 21st century community centers and learning spaces for all Pacificans, including our children, families, and seniors.
  3. Beach Boulevard Infrastructure Resiliency Project - Long term project to study and recommend infrastructure improvements along Beach Boulevard including seawall replacement. 
  4. Beach Boulevard Promenade Public Plaza - Short term project to rejuvenate the sandy regions adjacent to the Beach Boulevard Promenade between Birch Lane and Clarendon Road.
  5. 2212 Beach Blvd. Hotel Development - City is looking to develop the 2122 Beach Blvd. site into a hotel and conference center.