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Can I drop off my unsued prescription medication and syringes at your station?

Due to COVID-19 our lobby is closed the public and we are unable to accept any prescription medication as this time.

We are able to accept unused prescription medication during normal business hours. We cannot accept non-prescription medication, syringes or inhalers.

Can I fly my drone over the City of Pacifica?

The Pacifica Police Department does not regulate the use of drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The use of (UAS) is regulated by the FAA and they are currently prohibited in portions of the City of Pacifica.

For further information regarding the use of and areas allowed for UAS, please check with the FAA.

Do you know why a helicopter is over my neighborhood?

Several entities operate helicopters over and near the City of Pacifica.  PG&E routinely conducts pipe inspections and the United States Coast Guard conducts training operations off the Pacific coastline. 

For additional information any flight plans flied, contact the FAA

The Pacifica Police Department does not receive copies or notification of any flight plans.

Does the city have a lost & found?

Any property, whether lost or found, can be claimed from or turned into the Pacifica Police Department.

Finders of lost property found in Pacifica should bring the found items to the main counter at the station where they can fill out a finders affidavit form.

Found property will be held for 90-days by the Department in accordance with the law. If found property is not claimed after that time, the finder will become the owner of the property and will be able to pick it up upon notification by the property clerk.

Persons who have lost property can call the Property Room (650-738-7334) with a description of the lost item and ask for the property clerk to determine if it has been turned in to the department. If the property has been recovered, the property clerk will set up an appointment with the owner for pick-up.

How can I file a police report?

To report an emergency, dial 911.

The Pacifica Police Department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and can accept citizen crime reports at any time. 

To report a crime in Pacifica, you can call the department on the non-emergency business line (650-738-7314) to have an officer sent to assist you and/or take a crime report. Alternatively, you can file certain crime reports online.

If you would like to file a crime report online, please see this page for more information. Online reports can be filed at any time.

Crimes must be reported in the city in which they have occurred.

How can I get a copy of a police report?

Most traffic collision reports are accessible online through a third-party, LexisNexis for a nominal fee. LexisNexis allows you to instantly download and save a copy of a collision report. 

To request a copy of other reports, or if your report is not listed on LexisNexis, follow the link below:

Click here for complete details go to the Request A Report page

How do I get back my property that was booked as evidence?

If your property has been booked as evidence, you may call the main business line between 8:00am and noon Monday through Friday and ask to speak with the property clerk, who can then advise you as to when your property will be released to you and how to go about picking it up.

Property will not  be released without a prior appointment. Property held as evidence will be released after the court adjudication papers are sent to the property clerk. The clerk will inform the owners by mail or telephone and an appointment will be set up for release.

Property room hours of operation are 8:00am-noon, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Please call the main business line and ask to speak to the property clerk with any questions or to make an appointment.

How do I obtain a clearance letter (local records check)?

Clearance letters are typically used for adoption, visa/passport or immigration purposes.

The applicant may come to the department with valid picture identification and complete an Application for Local Records Check form, available at the Records counter. A form must be completed by each person applying for a clearance letter. The charge for each letter is $20.00 (exact cash or check payable to "City of Pacifica"). These letters can be notarized at the request of the applicant. Please allow 2-5 days for processing a clearance letter.

I have a new alarm for my home/business. Do I need to notify the Pacifica Police Department?

The City of Pacifica requires all commercial businesses and residence who have an alarm to apply for a permit with the Pacifica Police Department. 

The alarm permit application along with instructions are available online.

I hear a siren at the beach. Is there cause for concern?

The City of Pacifica conducts monthly testing of its tsunami warning system on the first Wednsday of every month.

In the event there was an actual tsunami, you will receive additional information via the Emergency Alert System.

I want to report graffiti

Please call the Code Enforcement Office for information.

Phone: 650-738-7343
Fax: 650-359-5807

The Pacifica Police Department towed my vehicle. What is the process to get it back?

The first step in the process is to come to the Pacifica Police Departmen to obtain a vehicle release. Once a vehicle release is obtained, the vehicle can be picked up from the tow company.

What time does the Pacifica Pier open?

For hours of operation, including rules and regulations, please see this link with additional information.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Department of Public Works: 650-738-3760