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Waste Water Collection

The mission of the Pacifica Sanitary Sewer Collection System Division is to prolong the life of the collection system infrastructure and transport waste to point of treatment without disruption or overflows, while meeting the needs of citizens in the service area and all federal, state and local regulations in a cost-efficient manner.

The City of Pacifica employs ten technicians to maintain and operate the collection system. Some of their responsibilities include cleaning and repairing wastewater mains and laterals, televising and recording the condition of the sanitary sewer, performing maintenance on pumps and motors at the lift stations, inspecting private plumbing construction and providing information to the public. These individuals have the responsibility of preventing damage to the community's environment from pollution caused by sanitary sewer overflows.

If you have questions regarding replacement of your sewer lateral or if you are in need of an inspection, please contact Doug Trade by email or by calling (650) 738-7472.

Wet Weather Equalization Basin (EQ Basin)

The City of Pacifica intends to construct and utilize the proposed wet weather flow equalization basin (“EQ basin”) and associated pipelines (together referred to as “the Project”) as a key element to mitigate storm-related sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) in the City’s wastewater collection system and reduce peak wet weather flows to the City’s Calera Creek Water Recycling Plant. The City is subject to infiltration and inflow of extraneous groundwater and stormwater into the sanitary sewer collection system, resulting in high wet weather flows during storm events. As a result, SSOs have occurred at several locations in the system during large storms.

The Project would include construction of the following components:
    • Installation of a 2.1-million-gallon capacity EQ basin;
    • Two diversion structures to passively divert excess flows and transport the flow via a
       conveyance pipeline to the EQ basin during storm events;
    • An effluent conveyance pipeline routing flows to the existing Crespi Drive sanitary sewer line
       and Linda Mar Blvd. pump station,
    • A 10-foot tall motor control center building equipped with a 4-foot-high metal antenna;
    • A ventilation and odor-control system; and
    • A potable-water-supplied cleaning system within the EQ basin.

For More Information on the EQ Basin Project:

EQ Basin Project Overview Information Sheet

11/5/2021 Storm Event Summary - This Memo provides important information in the aftermath of the recent October 23-24, 2021, bomb cyclone and atmospheric river storm event.

12/15/2016 Presentation at Public Meeting on EQ Basin Project - A Public Meeting to address public questions regarding the project and MND/IS was held on December 15, 2016 at the Pacifica Community Center.

12/12/2016 Presentation to City Council on the EQ Basin Project - a project update on the EQ Basin Project as presented at the City of Pacifica Council Meeting on December 12, 2016.

In accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the City of Pacifica prepared and released a Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration/Initial Study (MND/IS) for public review. Hardcopies of the document can be reviewed at the City of Pacifica Planning Department, 1800 Francisco Blvd.

Fact Sheet for more information on CEQA Public Comment Period for EQ Basin Project

Wet Weather Equalization Basin Site Feasibility Evaluation - Final
Addendum to Wet Weather Equalization Basin Site Feasibility Evaluation