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Wastewater - Business Information Page

If you are opening a restaurant, cafe or any other food service related business; an automotive repair and/or body and paint shop; or an industrial/manufacturing related business, you should contact the Waste Water Department's Collections Division to see what will be required prior to plan submittal.  Contacting Waste Water prior to plan submittal can save you time and money in plan check fees and avoids last minute surprises.

Things we may require prior to approval include:

  • Grease interceptor
  • Lateral Compliance Certificate
  • Video of sewer lateral
  • Oil containment
  • Chemical containment
  • Location of any floor drains
  • Backflow devices
  • Pre-treatment facilities
  • Sewage sampling stations

To schedule an appointment to see what specific requirements your potential business will have to meet please contact the Waste Water Department's Source Control Inspector Doug Trade by phone at (650) 738-7472 or by email at traded@ci.pacifica.ca.us .