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Project Goals

The San Pedro Creek Storm Drain Treatment/Diversion Project funded by Proposition 13 via the California State Water Resources Control Board has achieved its project goal: redirection of non-point source pollution via diversion of storm runoff from first flush release into the ocean (at Linda Mar and Anza Pump Stations) to two areas of fully functioning treatment wetlands.

The first of the two treatment areas is the treatment swales associated with the Anza Storm Drain Pump Station located along the highway north of Taco Bell extending to Crespi Drive. The second location is at the Linda Mar Storm Drainage Pump station, where water is pumped from the Linda Mar wet well into a storm water treatment swale that surrounds the pump station. Another feature links both the Linda Mar and Anza Pump Station wet wells together, so diversion flows from both drainage sheds can go to either and/or both of the treatment wetlands. Water that would normally be discharged on the beach is pumped into a treatment swale from this pump station wet well and thus diverted from a beach discharge during low flow and first flush situations.

Goals Achieved

  • Complete diversion in the dry periods and partial diversion in the wet months
  • Improved water quality at Pacifica State Beach and in San Pedro Creek to ensure that California bacteriological standards are met