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Storm Drains

The Streets Division of Pacifica's Public Works Department maintains 290,000 linear feet of storm drain pipes with 989 storm drain inlets within the City right-of-way and easements.

To report a storm drain issues, contact the public works department at (650) 738-3760 or email DPWassistance@ci.pacifica.ca.us and provide the street name/address of the storm drain or inlet location.

Program Enforcement
The city's code enforcement officer is responsible for the enforcement of the city’s stormwater pollution prevention program. Enforcement will occur in the form of letters and informal violation notices exerting increasing pressure to comply. If a good faith effort to comply is not witnessed, a citation will be issued. It is the policy of the program that education be the primary means used to gain compliance.

Information on Proper Disposal of RV Wastewater (Black / Gray Water)