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Trails & Walkways

Pacifica is home to miles of curving beaches between rocky points adjacent to the Pacific Coast Highway. Recently, the State of California and the City of Pacifica cooperated to connect these beaches by walkways and trails to form a continuous, seven-mile waterfront trail that starts from Sharp Park Beach around Mori Point, running through Calera Creek and Rockaway Beach to eventually end up at Pacifica State Beach in the Linda Mar District.

Pacifica Trail Network

Along the way hikers can enjoy some of the best ocean views the Bay Area has to offer.
The newly remodeled public restrooms and ample parking at Pacifica State Beach provide Pacifica's shoreline trail with great amenities that are also a draw for surfers from all over the Bay Area. Organized surfing competitions are held throughout the year, drawing large crowds to these events.

For those interested in local trail and beach ecology, Pacifica’s Environmental Family is a group of volunteers who regularly organize beach planting, restoration and cleanup events. 

Additional trails and walkways can be found throughout Pacifica's hills and valleys, a majority of which are included in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.