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Storm Drainage Master Plan

Storm Drainage Master Plan






The City of Pacifica collects and disposes of stormwater runoff generated within the City service area.  The storm drainage collection system consists of almost 50 miles of drainage lines, 8.7 miles of open channels, and two City-operated pump stations.  The collection system consists of pipes varying in diameter from 4 inches to 90 inches, and ultimately discharges to approximately 22 different outfalls to the Pacific Ocean.



Project Overview

The City will be updating the 2012 Storm Drainage Master Plan to reflect current conditions and to consider new and emerging concerns, including the impacts of climate change. This 2022 Storm Drainage Master Plan update will serve as a strategic planning guide for maintaining, improving, and expanding the City’s storm drainage system, and will include updated geographical information system (GIS) mapping, hydrologic and hydraulic model update, and the development of an updated capital improvement plan (CIP). The 2022 Storm Drainage Master Plan will focus on priority areas such as:

                                  City of Pacifica Storm Drain System Master Plan (PDF)


Priority Areas:

  • Rockaway Beach Avenue
  • Monterey Road / Big Inch Creek
  • Vallemar
  • Pedro Point
  • East Sharp Park
  • West View
  • Linda Mar Boulevard and Balboa Way






Data Collection / Assessment of Existing Storm Drainage System

October to March 2021

Flow Monitoring Program

January to March 2022

Hydrological / Hydraulic Model Development and Perform System Evaluation / Improvement Needs

October to December 2021

Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation / Replacement Program

March to April 2022

Long Range CIP / Analysis of Stormwater Funding Options

May to June 2022

Draft 2022 Storm Drainage Master Plan

June to July 2022

Final 2022 Storm Drainage Master Plan

August 2022


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Give us your feedback on any storm drainage related issues in your area.