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Parking for Disabled Persons

With the city’s population constantly increasing, along with an aging population where more people own and drive vehicles, the demand for street parking has become extremely high. Recently the Engineering Division has noticed an increase in the number of requests for installation of blue curbs on residential neighborhood streets. A blue curb on a city residential street indicates that an on-street parking space has been designated for the sole use of vehicles bearing a special handicap license plate or displaying an appropriate placard. Upon receiving the request, engineering staff performs a site visit and does research on existing traffic volume, street geometrics and demand for on-street parking. The request is then evaluated against a warrant for designating a parking space as on-street handicap parking.

It should be noted that the installation of blue curbs significantly decreases the amount of available on-street parking that is presently in high demand. It is extremely important that the installation of blue curbs on neighborhood streets be done as an absolute necessity or as a last resort. The property owner should also demonstrate that he/she has exhausted all means to provide a parking space within his/her private property.

The designation of an on-street parking with a blue curb is not for the exclusive use of the property owner fronting this curb. Anyone with the appropriate license plate or placard may use the designated space.