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Flood Damage Prevention

The flood hazard areas of the city are subject to periodic inundation, which results in loss of life and property, health and safety hazards, disruption of commerce and governmental services, extraordinary public expenditures for flood protection and relief, and impairment of the tax base, all of which adversely affect the public health, safety and general welfare.

Such flood losses are caused by the cumulative effect of obstructions in areas of special flood hazard, which increase flood heights and velocities and, when inadequately anchored, damage uses in other areas. Uses which are adequately floodproofed, elevated or otherwise protected from flood damages also contribute to flood losses.


The purpose of flood damage prevention is to promote the public health, safety and general welfare and to minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions in specific areas by provisions designed to:
(a) protect human life and health
(b) minimize expenditures of public money for costly flood control projects
(c) minimize the need for rescue and relief efforts associated with flooding and generally undertaken at the expense of the general public
(d) minimize prolonged business interruptions
(e) minimize damages to public facilities and utilities, such as water mains, electric/telephone/sewer lines, streets and bridges located in areas of special flood hazard
(f) help maintain a stable tax base by providing for the second use and development of areas of special flood hazard so as to minimize future blight areas
(g) encourage the notification of potential buyers of property areas regarding special flood hazard
(h) ensure that those who occupy the areas of special flood hazard assume responsibility for their actions

FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps - effective August 2, 2017

Panel 36F - North Pacifica, Daly City border

Panel 38F - Sharp Park, Manor, Edgemar

Panel 107F - Pedro Point and Lower Linda Mar

Panel 109F - San Pedro Headlands and Southern Pacifica Border

Panel 126F - Crespi, Fassler, Rockaway, Vallemar, Fairway Park

FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps - effective October 16, 2012

Panel 127E - San Bruno Border

Panel 128E - Linda Mar, Oddstad, Terra Nova

Panel 129E - Back of Valley

Map Index
FEMA Elevation Certificate

Refer to Title 7, Chapter 5 of the Pacifica Municipal Code more information

Flood Insurance

Pacifica residents are eligible for up to a 15% discount on flood insurance premiums due to being accepted into FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) on May 1, 2013. Click here for the Press Release detailing this program.

FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map Update Project

A multi-year project to re-examine flood zones and develop detailed, digital flood hazard maps has been recently completed. Recently released for public review and accessible via the links below, the new maps -- also known as Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) -- reflect current flood risks, replacing maps that are up to 29 years old.  As a result, property owners throughout the community will have up-to-date, reliable, Internet-accessible information about your flood risk, on a property-by-property basis.

Letters to Property Owners

The City has circulated letters to property owners who may be impacted by the FIRM multi-year update project. These letters are available via the hyperlinks below. A brief summary detailing the main purpose of each letter is also below.

Letter 1:
Moderate Flood Hazard Area (MFHA)

Letter 1: The purpose of this letter is
to inform you that the parcel identified at the top of this letter has been mapped in or near a moderate risk zone, shown on the FIRM as “Shaded Zone X”. Properties in this zone are outside the high-risk zones.

Letter 2:
Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA)

Letter 2: The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the parcel identified at the top of this letter has been mapped in or near a high risk zone, known as a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), and shown as Zone “A”, “AE”, “AH”,”AO”, “AR”, “A99”,“V”, or “VE” on the FIRM.

Letter 3
: Non-Special Flood Hazard Area (NSFHA)

Letter 3: The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the parcel identified at the top of this letter has been mapped into a lower risk zone, shown on the FIRM as Zone “X”. 

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Information

General Information:

Answers to Questions about the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

For general program information or inquiries about the laws, regulations, or administrative policies related to the NFIP, write:

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Mitigation Division
500 C Street SW
Washington DC 20472

For insurance questions, call local property insurance agents or brokers, or call the NFIP toll-free at 1-800-427-4661.

General program information may also be obtained as follows:

FEMA on the Web
: www.fema.gov

NFIP on the Web: www.fema.gov/business/nfip or www.floodsmart.gov

Damage Prevention Publications

Flood Safety Brochure
FEMA Homeowner's Guide to Retrofitting: Six Ways to Protect Your House From Flooding

Non-Residential Floodproofing: Requirements and Certification for Buildings Located in Special Flood Hazard Areas

Construction Best Management Practices (BMP's)

Flood Insurance Study (FIS)

Public Works Construction Standards

Notice to Lending Institutions and Real Estate and Insurance Agents

Specific Information and Resources

To order Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), Digital Q3 Map Data, Flood Insurance Study Reports, the NFIP Community Status Book, the NFIP Flood Insurance Manual, or other resources, contact the FEMA Map Service Center (MSC) at the address below or one of the toll-free number below, or order online at:


Federal Emergency Management Agency
Map Service Center
P.O. Box 1038
Jessup MD 20794-1038

Phone: 1-800-358-9616
Fax: 1-800-358-9620

For information pertaining to hazard identification mapping and floodplain management, contact the local administrator or the State NFIP Coordinating Agency at
(916) 574-0611.

For questions about FIRM's, LOMA or LOMR-F, flood mapping procedures, or map revision process, call toll-free 1 (877) 336-2627 and ask for a "FEMA Flood Map Specialist."

Looking for more information?

Contact the local Floodplain Administrator at: 650-738-7344
Please mention “flood insurance rate maps” when calling, or when writing include “flood insurance rate maps” in the email subject line !!

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