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Encroachment Permits

Encroachment Permit Application


Encroachment Permit Information 

 A City of Pacifica Encroachment Permit is required for any work within city right-of-way (street/sidewalk), public easements or utility easements. Examples of work which require this type of permit are connecting to the city’s sewer main, installing new improvements (driveways, sidewalks, under-sidewalk drains) and any other work that involves the use or alteration of existing city-maintained right-of-way.  If you are a Utility Carrier installing fiber optics in the public right-of-way, there is an administrative process that must be followed before permits are issued.  Click here to view the Administrative Process.

The property owner and/or contractor performing the work is required to fill out and submit an Encroachment Permit Application and Site Plan. The application must include a site plan showing dimensions and all proposed work. Any contractor working within the City of Pacifica is required to have a current business license on file. If you do not have a Pacifica Business License or it has expired, please contact the Finance Department: (650) 738-7392.

Due to COVID-19, contractors are also required to complete and submit a Project Safety Protocol document for both Large and Small Construction Projects along with the application.  Note that filling out the application does not give the applicant permission to begin work. Work can only begin after a permit is approved and issued by city staff, paid for, and signed.

If the Engineering Division has no objection to the work proposed, a permit will be issued pending the receipt of:

  • payment of the encroachment fees
  • performance bond equal to the value of the proposed improvements, including all labor costs

Upon issuance of the encroachment permit, the permittee must notify the Engineering Division inspector 48 hours prior to the start of work. Follow-up inspections should be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance. There will be no same day inspections, except for emergency work.

All encroachment permit bonds will not be refunded until the Engineering inspector has reviewed the work and it has been signed off by the City Engineer as conforming to the City of Pacifica’s engineering standards. After claim forms have been submitted to the city, allow 3-5 weeks after project completion to process bond refunds.

Encroachment permit application fees are non-refundable. Please email your completed application to: engineering@ci.pacifica.ca.us

For additional information regarding the Engineering/Public Works Encroachment Permit process, refer to rules and regulations for excavation and occupancy in city streets or contact the Engineering Division.