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City Engineer Public Hearing

Pacifica Municipal Code Section 10-1.1301 grants certain authority to the City Engineer of the City of Pacifica, which shall also be carried out by the City Engineer.  Among the authorities granted to the City Engineer is the authorization to make modifications when there are changes which make any or all of the conditions of the map no longer appropriate or necessary, and the modifications do not impose any additional burden on the present fee owner of the property, and if the modifications do not alter any right, title, or interest in the real property reflected on the recorded map. The modification shall be set for a public hearing by the City Engineer as set forth in Section 10-1.407 of Article 4 of this chapter. The City Engineer shall confine the hearing to the consideration of, and action on, the proposed modification.

City Engineer public hearings follow a format similar to Planning Commission hearings.  There is a meeting agenda, a public notice published in the newspaper and mailed to property owners (when required by law), and an opportunity for public comment by applicants and members of the public. 

City Engineer public hearings are scheduled as needed, and generally will occur on the second Wednesday of each month at 6 PM in the location accessible by the public or via Zoom.  Occasionally, meetings may be scheduled on other days and at other times and locations.

Contact the Engineering Division at (650) 738-3767 to inquire about the City Engineer public hearing process.


Public Hearing Agendas, Staff Reports and Attachments