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Civic Center Campus Facilities Project

This page was updated on 8/13/2021






  • On 11/23/2020, the City Council approved a Master Consultant Services Agreement with Group 4 Architecture, Research + Planning ("Group 4") for Civic Center Conceptual Design Services, and approved Task Order No. 1 to prepare conceptual design documents. Read the 11/23/2020 City Council Staff Report.
  • On 4/26/2021, the City Council directed the City Manager on the preferred conceptual design for the CCC facilities and approved the preliminary project funding strategy for the CCC project. Read the 4/26/2021 City Council Staff Report.
  • On 4/26/2021, the City Council discussed an alternative action for the CCC project of entering into a Public-Private-Partnership arrangement in order to achieve a new Civic Center and a new Pacifica School District Office site. Read the 4/26/2021 City Council Staff Report excerpt.
  • On 6/28/2021, the City Council adopted the Fiscal Year 2021-22 Operating and Capital Budget which included a $3 million in a one-time capital transfer towards the CCC project. Read the 6/28/2021 City Council Staff Report.
  • On 7/27/2021, the City issued a Press Release regarding the temporary relocation of the Civic Center Campus to the Pacifica Community Center. Read the 7/27/2021 Press Release.
  • On 8/16/2021, the relocated Civic Center at the Community Center opened its doors to the public.  Face coverings are required when visiting the Community Center.
  • On 10/13/21, the City will hold a community meeting via Zoom to update residents on the Civic Center Campus Improvement Project.  Read the Invitation Flyer on how to observe the Webinar.
  • On 12/9/21, City staff releases General Contractor Pre-Qualification Questionnaire for the Civic Center Facilities Project to prequalify contractors for this projects.  Click here to download the General Contractor Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.

Click here to download a copy of the FAQs.

Click here to download a copy of the Community Center floor plan.

Why is the Civic Center temporarily relocating to the Community Center?

In 2019, the City was made aware of air quality concerns by employees working in the Civic Center buildings. The City investigated these concerns to ensure the safety of employees and determined that there were common mold types in specific locations of City Hall, Planning and Parks, Beaches and Recreation (PB&R) buildings. As a result, impacted rooms and offices were immediately closed and employees relocated, with some employees required to share a conference room as their offices. The bathrooms and kitchen/break room areas of City Hall were also closed, requiring employees to travel to the Planning and PB&R building for those uses.  The Civic Center desperately needs a renovation to allow for a healthy place to work for City employees. The City Council was made aware of the situation and approved the move to the Community Center while the Civic Center Facilities Project is being designed. The Conceptual Design of the Civic Center has been approved and is currently moving into the final design, which is the preparation of construction documents.  The City intends to start renovating the Civic Center in Spring 2022.  


What departments make up the Civic Center and which ones will be moving to the Community Center? 

The Civic Center is located at the southwest corner of Francisco and Santa Maria in West Sharp Park.  Departments located here include: the City Manager’s Office, Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Planning Department, Information Technology (IT) as well as the Parks, Beaches and Recreation Department which includes the Child Care Division. 


How many employees from the Civic Center are relocating to the Community Center? 

Approximately 25 employees from the City Manager’s Office, Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Planning Department, Information Technology (IT) as well as the Parks, Beaches and Recreation Department which includes the Child Care Division. 


Why couldn’t the Civic Center get portables or move anywhere else? 

The cost of getting portables would be prohibitive.  In addition, there are no City owned parcels that could  accommodate the large portables and associated parking requirements.  


Why is this the first I’m hearing about the Civic Center relocation to the Community Center?  

Over the past eight months this item has been on several City Council agendas. After careful consideration, the decision to move the Civic Center to the Community Center was approved by City Council on Monday June 28th, 2021. There are many details that are still being worked on and communication will be clearer moving forward. 


Is this Civic Center relocation going to affect Senior Center classes and activities 

Some class times and/or locations may be affected. However the Parks, Beaches, and Recreation Department is doing all they can to provide as many classes as they can and provide as many opportunities for seniors as possible.  



Will all pre-COVID Senior programs and classes be returning 

While a couple instructors have moved away and/or decided to retire, the majority or Senior Services instructors will resume programming as they did when Senior Services operated pre-COVID. Senior Services staff continues to work hard finding instructors.   


What rooms and spaces will the temporary relocated Civic Center occupy in the Community Center? 

The Civic Center will be using the Pre-School rooms, the Dance Studio, the Portola Room and Office space of the Community Center.  Please see the map for specific areas.  


How much space in the Community Center will the Civic Center take up? 

Please see the map for a detailed view of the new layout.  


Will rummage sales come back? 

Currently there are no indoor rummage sales scheduled; however, we are working on an outdoor schedule, beginning with July 17, 2021.  Indoor rummage sales will return by January 2022.   


What is happening with the Computer Lab? 

The Computer Lab will remain in its current location.


Will seniors be affected by parking at the Community Center? 

Staff is working on plans to designate parking in both lots for employees. There will continue to be availability in the free lot behind the center as well as in the paid Crespi lot (where parking is free with a Seniors in Action membership placard). 

Why is youth summer camp allowed in the building, but seniors aren’t allowed back inside the Community Center yet? 

Because of School District concerns regarding COVID, our Recreation programs were unable to secure the usual facility space from them for summer.  At the Community Center, Summer Adventure Camp can adhere to strict rules and provide a safe and fun program for almost 250 youth of Pacifica.  When Adventure Camp at the end of summer, the building space they are occupying will be freed up for Senior Services.  


When will the relocated Civic Center at the Community Center be open for the Public? 

The tentative plan is to open the relocated Civic Center at the Community Center on August 16th.   Much of this depends on timing of  IT and electrical updates as well as cubicle and office furniture delivery. This will be updated as soon as we have more information.  


Will I still be able to go online for my City needs, such as with the Planning, Parks, Beaches and Recreation and Finance Departments? 

Yes, you can continue to address your City business needs online.  However, should you need to see someone in person, you will be able to do that once we are open as well.  


How will I be able to contact Civic Center staff during or after the move to the Community Center? Will there be delays in service during the move of the Civic Center to the Community Center? 

Employees will have access to their phones and emails before, during and after the move. Please be patient as we make every effort to address your needs and return your messages as soon as possible.  

Why isn’t the Civic Center open yet?   

Rather than open up the current Civic Center after June 15, 2021 only to close it after less than two months, it was decided to wait until after the move to the Community Center to open up in-person services for the public.