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Upcoming Meetings

None at this time. Phase 1 is now complete (June 2021) and Phase 2 scoping is underway. Please continue to monitor this webpage and sign up for Connect with Pacifica to received updates as they become available. 



  • In 1984, the City of Pacifica constructed an 18-22-foot-tall seawall with a rip rap revetment and promenade along Beach Boulevard north of the Pacifica Pier. The southern section of the seawall was constructed in 1987 using a differing design. Since its construction, the north seawall has experienced failures in multiple locations and continues to be an increasing public health and safety risk for the City.

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Project Overview

  • The Beach Boulevard Infrastructure Resiliency Project is being designed to create a multi-benefit solution to protect public infrastructure, recreational activities, numerous homes, businesses, and the community at large, from further impacts due to continued coastal erosion. It aims to replace the current seawall and outdated infrastructure while building climate resilience into the most vulnerable segment of the City of Pacifica’s shoreline.
  • The Project is an infrastructure protection and improvement project that is critical to the public health and safety of the citizens and visitors in and around the historic West Sharp Park neighborhood. 
  • Benefits include: 
    • Protection of West Sharp Park homes and businesses from overtopping, coastal erosion, and future sea level rise.
    • Secured public infrastructure of roads and underlying sewer mains, storm drains and gas and electrical conduit.
    • Improved public access to the beach.
    • Protection of recreational use on the Promenade for walkers, joggers, cyclists, and others.
  • The Project entails assessing the entire span of the current infrastructure and seawall which includes four different structures:the north wall, the pier sheet pile wall, the south wall and south gap.

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Phased Approach and Timeline

  • The City of Pacifica is kicking off a multi-year process that includes input from the community and stakeholders as it develops the Project. Phase 1 includes the review of existing conditions, projections of future conditions and risks and the development of design alternatives.

Project Schedule

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Participate in the Process!

  • The Project represents an opportunity for Pacifica residents and businesses to chart a resilient and vibrant future for West Sharp Park and Beach Boulevard. The City of Pacifica will have an inclusive community process throughout the development of the Project, featuring community workshops, webinars, online surveys, briefings, and more. Your input will help us identify the best solution for Pacifica.
  • Should you have any comments regarding the project, please fee free to use the below comment form:
  • Should you have any questions regarding the project, please feel free to contact the project manager, Ryan Marquez at marquezr@ci.pacifica.ca.us. If you would like to be notified about project updates and notifications of workshops, please submit your email information below.

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