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Towed Vehicles

If you think your vehicle has been towed, call the main business line to inquire. The vehicle will be looked up by the license plate number to determine if it has been towed.

Once a tow has been confirmed, the registered owner must appear in person at the department with a valid driver's license or other picture identification to receive a vehicle release form. The charge for the release form is $154 (exact cash, debit, credit or check, payable to "City of Pacifica"). The police department is unable to accept credit cards or make change. Once you receive the release, you will be directed to the tow yard storing your vehicle. Towing and storage charges are paid directly to the towing company and are separate from the release form charge.

If you recently purchased the vehicle and it has not yet been registered in your name or if your vehicle was towed for expired registration, you must go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and complete the registration process prior to coming to the station. The DMV will also advise you of any parking tickets issued to the vehicle, which must be cleared prior to release.

If a vehicle has been towed because the driver had a suspended driver's license or no license, it is placed on an automatic 30-day hold. The registered owner may come to the station and ask to speak to the on-duty Watch Commander who will then make the decision whether to release the vehicle, depending on the circumstances.

If the registered owner is unable to come in and wants another person to pick up the car for them, please call the department for instructions.

If a vehicle was a private property tow, you will be given a phone number to contact the towing agency directly.