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Oversized Vehicle Parking


The City of Pacifica has installed OSV (Oversized Vehicle) parking restriction signs throughout the City based on an engineering safety review, which determined where OSVs could park in the City without impacting the safety of roadway users. These signs are located at roadway entrances into the City, entrances to specific neighborhoods and along stretches of specific City roadway. Many streets where OSVs cannot park without impacting driver safety have sign restrictions in place; however, not every prohibited street has signage. The complete list of where OSVs cannot park is viewable here: Streets prohibited for OSV parkingIt should be noted that this list may be updated as changes are made to Pacifica’s roadways that may make the area either safe or unsafe for over sized vehicles to park on.

The below bullet points offer more information regarding OSV parking in the City:

  • Due to traffic safety concerns, the City of Pacifica passed ordinance updates to section 4-7.1204 & 4-7.1205 of the City’s Municipal Code.
  • Effectively, outside of loading and unloading for less than 8 hours pursuant to 4-7.1205b, over sized vehicles as defined by the above code sections (22' Long or 7' wide or 8' high) are not allowed to park on a number of roads within the City’s limits. 

Should you have any questions regarding parking your oversized vehicle you may call the Pacifica Police Department at 650-738-7314.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions regarding OSVs

OSV Temporary Parking Permits

Owners of Recreational Vehicles may apply for a temporary parking permit which allows for the parking/standing of OSVs for a limited time at or near their residence on streets where OSV parking is prohibited for the purposes of unloading, loading or cleaning of the OSV. 

The temporary parking permits are valid for (36) hour intervals from the date of issuance. You must display the permit in the windshield or passengers side front window where it is clearly visible. No more than (2) temporary parking permits will be issued per residence within a 30-day period. Exceptions to this time limit may be granted by the Chief of Police or their designee. 

To apply for a temporary parking permit, the first step is to create an ActiveNet account where payment for your permit will be processed. The fee associated with the temporary permit is $15.00. The name used on the ActiveNet account and the permit application below must match. You will be contacted via email once your permit is processed and approved. 


Oversized Vehicle Permit Application