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The City of Pacifica's municipal code 5-16.02 requires a permit for all residential and business alarms within the City of Pacifica. 

The fee for a new alarm permit is $96.00 and requires an annual renewal fee of $50.00 while the alarm is active. You may make payments for alarms online for both the initial application and renewal. Online payments are subject to a $3.00 service fee.

If you cannot make an online payment, fillable forms are available on each page. You must download, fill out the forms and mail them along with a check to the address below. You can find the applications for a new alarm permit and updating your alarm information are below.


Pacifica Police Department 

Attn: Records

2075 Coast Highway

Pacifica, CA 94044


False Alarm Response Fees w/ Permit (per calendar year):

·         1st Response - Free

·         2nd through 5th responses - $145.00 per occurrence

·         6+ responses - $226 per occurrence


False Alarm Response Fees w/o Permit (per calendar year):

·         1st Response - Free

·         2+ responses - $226 per occurrence



The Pacifica Police Department will send an annual renewal invoice as long as the alarm remains active. If the renewal remains unpaid, we will send you an additional overdue notice and ultimately a final notice. If the final notice remains unpaid, we will cancel your alarm permit and you must start the application process over, which includes paying all original fees. 



If you wish to cancel your alarm permit, we require you send a letter to the above address and show the date you wish to cancel your permit. Be sure to include your permit number in your letter. There are no refunds or pro rata refunds.


Application for New Alarm Permit Portal

Update to Existing Alarm Permit Portal