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Sergeant Duane Wachtelborn and Officer David Evans represent the Pacifica Police Department on a joint SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) team comprised of members belonging to a variety of county law enforcement agencies.

The officers annually log more than 100 hours of SWAT activity, consisting of both training and actual operations. The team is often used on high-risk search warrants where it assists other agencies such as the FBI and INS with securing the residences or locations of suspects who have violent histories.

Training and skill development remain at the forefront of the SWAT team.  Sgt. Wachtelborn and Ofc. Evans also regularly attend advanced SWAT courses and training, which often include joint exercises with other SWAT teams, tactical dispatchers and hostage negotiation team members.

The Pacifica Police Department has been a contributing member to the multi-agency SWAT Team hosted by the Daly City Police Department since November 2004.