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School Resource Officers

The Pacifica Police Department assigns specific officers working dayshift to individual schools in their areas of responsibility (beat assignments) to act as a liaison to those schools.

The officers will serve as a liaison between law enforcement, schools and the community's students. The officers will spend time at various schools throughout Pacifica, covering both school districts including elementary schools through high schools. From dance and ball game monitoring to educational presentations and one-on-one work with students to incident investigation, the officers will serve a variety of purposes in Pacifica's schools.

By developing a rapport with students, parents, teachers, counselors and administrators, the officers are in a unique and vital position to create an understanding between schools and local police. The officers are instrumental in identifying potentially negative situations before they escalate and moderating where an incident has occurred. The officers will strive to educate students on making smart choices that will help them become successful citizens and provides them with resources to turn their lives around if they have already exercised poor judgment.