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Investigative Services

Division Commander - Captain Bill Glasgo

The Criminal Investigative Division is responsible for the investigation and follow-up of all
serious offenses that are not solved by the Field Operations Division. Examples of these types of crimes are homicide, armed robbery, rape, burglary and auto theft.

Assigned officers also conduct all investigations that require traveling outside of Pacifica and handle undercover surveillance, undercover investigation and stakeouts of suspects and problem locations identified throughout the city.

Criminal Investigative Division personnel assist the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force when necessary. While personnel are assigned to the Task Force, they remain the responsibility of the Criminal Investigative Division supervisor and commander.

A forensic technician provides technical support in the collection, preservation, photographing and processing of evidence, and also provides expert testimony in both municipal and superior court. The property clerk under the supervision of the forensic technician manages lost and found property, along with evidence.

The Juvenile Officer is responsible for investigating the majority of crimes against children, including physical and sexual abuse and child neglect, as well as all missing persons cases and crimes against dependent adults. Juvenile Services receives and processes all juvenile arrests, meets with parents and juveniles to assist with family issues and makes appropriate referrals to other agencies. The Juvenile Officer also acts as a liaison between the police department and other local, county and state juvenile-related agencies.