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Neighborhood Watch

To start a successful neighborhood watch program in your area, contact the Pacifica Police Department through the main business line. You will be sent start-up information about the neighborhood watch program and details on working together in the future. Additionally, the following initial steps should be taken:

Talk to Your Neighbors

  • canvass your neighborhood for interest
  • briefly explain the value of the neighborhood watch program
  • ask about convenient times to schedule your first neighborhood watch meeting
  • arrange a date, time and place for the first meeting
  • coordinate the date and time with the crime prevention officer
  • develop and distribute a flyer announcing the meeting
  • if possible, meet in the home of a neighbor to foster an informal, comfortable atmosphere
  • remind everyone of the meeting date as it approaches (two or three days before)

Hold the First Meeting

  • distribute name tags
  • make opening remarks
  • provide simple refreshments such as beverages and cookies. This creates a relaxed atmosphere and encourages people to get to know each other
  • turn the meeting over to the crime prevention officer who will cover the following topics:
    • the Pacifica Police Department and its crime prevention programs
    • specific crime problems in your area
    • how to obtain neighborhood watch signs
    • effective crime prevention techniques for your home and the neighborhood