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Crime Prevention Program

The crime prevention officer position has experienced fluctuations in staffing levels, generally based on grant funding. In the mid 1970s, officers were part of an integrated North County program to lower the burglary rate. In the late 1970s, the department had six Crime Prevention/Suppression Officers funded by a federal grant, with directions to lower the burglary rate and narcotics use. Several officers served throughout the years, only to have the programs cut more than once for fiscal reasons. In the early 1990s the program started again, including new curriculum such as the Citizen Academy and Crime Watch on the local TV channel, along with traditional programs. In the mid 1990s, the program was once again cut out of the budget due to fiscal reasons.

Currently, Pacifica's crime prevention volunteer is responsible for coordinating all crime prevention programs within the City of Pacifica. These programs include Neighborhood Watch, Red Ribbon Week, and home/commercial security inspections and plan review. 


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