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Special Needs Registry

Special Needs Registry

The Special Needs Registry (SNR) is a tool that allows the police department to better serve our community members with special needs. It will allow officers quick access to information that will enable them to better assist that person during any contact, if they become lost, found, or when they need assistance.

Who should be enrolled?

Parents and care providers will be able to enroll a person of any age with any medical, mental health condition, or disability including, but not limited to, the following:

Alzheimer’s Disease


Bipolar Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Down Syndrome


What information is contained in this registry?

A photograph, description and contact information for the person is included in the SNR. Information needed to find those who wander away from home, such as locations they are familiar with or frequent. Information should also be included to help identify “found” individuals who may not be able to provide information themselves to first responders. One can also include important details about any medical, safety or behavioral concerns. Helpful suggestions that can aid officers and first responders when interacting with a person having a disability or medical condition can also be provided by applicants.

Click here for a registry form

How is this information used?

This information will be stored in the police department records information management system. Police department staff including police dispatchers will be able to access this information during calls for service or contacts with individuals who are in the SNR. This information will be used by officers to provide better assistance when contacting a person in the SNR or during a call for service. This registration will be retained for two years at which time it may be renewed. This renewal cycle ensures the information in the SNR is accurate and current.  

How can I enroll?

Complete the form below and return it with an attached photograph to the Pacifica Police Department, 2075 Coast Highway, Pacifica. Completed applications and digital photos may be submitted to the Pacifica Police Department via email at