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2017-2018 Planning Commission Resolutions

2017-2018 Planning Commission Resolutions

Resolution 966 - 111 Kent Rd., 400 foot addition

Resolution 967 - Pedestrian Overcrossing between Francisco Blvd. and Oceana Blvd.

Resolution 968 - Wet Weather Equalization Basin at 540 Crespi Dr. APPEALED

Resolution 969 - Installation of Ozone Generation Trailer at 2251 Oceana

Resolution 970 - Denial of Request to extend expiration date for construction of condominiums at 1567 Beach Blvd. APPEALED

Resolution 971 - Finding that proposed 2017-2022 Capital Improvement Program is consistent with the General Plan and Local Coastal Land Use Plan

Resolution 972 - Growth Management Ordinance

Resolution 973 - Marijuana Operation Overlay District and New Article 48 "Marijuana Regulations"

Resolution 974 - Demolition of former Denny's Restaurant, Construction of new 4,500 sq. ft. multi-tenant commercial building, 500 Linda Mar Blvd.

Resolution 975 - Modification of Freestanding Sign Mounted Wireless Communication Facility, 709 Hickey Blvd.

Resolution 976 - Finding the Minimum Requirements are met for Rent Increase at Gateway Marymount, 435 Gateway Dr.

Resolution 977 - Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces

Resolution 978 - Master Sign Program and Removal and Replacement of 4 Monument Signs, 100 Esplanade Ave.

Resolution 979 - Initiating a zoning text amendment and recommending City Council approval of Text Amendment TA-105-17 to repeal and replace Article 4.5 of Chapter 4 of Title 9 of the Pacifica Municipal Code and amend other related Pacifica Municipal Code Provisions.

Resolution 980 - Vacant parcel located at the southern portion of the Pedro Point Shopping Center, for construction of a  two-story mixed-use building.

Resolution 981 - 111 Vallecito Lane, construction of a 973 s.f. addition.

Resolution 982 - 270 Sterling Ave., Demolition.

Resolution 983 - San Pedro Avenue, Vacant Parcel, construction of a 3-story, 3,074 s.f. single-family dwelling.

Resolution 984 - Alternative Financial Services Text Amendment.

Resolution 985 - 439 Harvey Way, existing nonconforming single-family residence into a conforming commercial use of a veterinary clinic with one dwelling unit on the 2nd floor.

Resolution 986 - San Pedro Terrace Road, recommending that City Council enact an ordinance approving General Plan Amendment GPA-93-16 to apply the low density residential land use designation and rezoning RZ-195-16 to change the zoning to R-1 (single family residential), approve tentative subdivision map, including a private street and removal of heritage trees.

Resolution 987 - 106 Bella Vista, construction of a new dwelling unit with attached garage.

Resolution 988 - 674 Corona Dr., construction of addition to an existing single-family residence, patio area, deck and covered parking area, and authorizing removal of 1 heritage tree. APPEALED

Resolution 989 - 400 Belfast Ave., construction of addition to an existing single-family residence and attached garage, removal of one heritage tree, and demolition of a carport and portion of existing garage.

Resolution 990 - 119 Berendos Ave., enclosure of a covered, front entry porch in the front yard to add approximately 94 square feet to an existing two-story 2,154 square foot residence.

Resolution 991 - 801 Fassler Ave., Construction of a 24 Unit Condominium APPEALED

Resolution 992 - 211 Beachview Ave., Construction of a 1,131 square foot rear addition to an existing house.

Resolution 993 - 709 Hickey Blvd., Renovate Tenant space at the Fairmont shopping center "I Love Kickboxing".

Resolution 995 - Clarification of Capital Improvement Programs is consistent with the General Plan.

Resolution 996 - Olympian APN 023-038-350, Construction of a single family residence and removal of one Heritage tree.

Resolution 997 - 689 Lerida Way, increase the number of residents from 12 to 16 persons and to deviate from required offstreet parking standards at a Special Care Facility known as “Sunvalley Chateau Pacifica”.

Resolution 999 - 295 Pinehaven Way, Home occupation Permit to allow outdoor agility training and kenneling of up to one dog.

Resolution 2018-001 - 1 Carmel Ave., Remodel and enlarge a 643 square foot (sf) first floor dwelling unit by 974 sf, within the existing building footprint of a two story, three unit, multi-family residential building on a 7,500 sf site.

Resolution 2018-002 - 2270 Palmetto Ave., Establish and operate a marijuana retail operationAPPEALED

Resolution 2018-003 - Marijuana Regulations, Amend Existing Zoning Regulations in order toclarify existing provisions for processing Marijuana Use Permit Applications. APPEALED

Resolution 2018-004 - 5200 Coast Hwy., Operate an outdoor seating area in conjunction with the Taco Bell Cantina. 

Resolution 2018-005 - 4096 Fassler Ave., Construction of  single family residence on a vacant lot.

Resolution 2018-006 - 2110 Palmetto Ave., Establish and operate a marijuana retail operation.APPEALED

Resolution 2018-007 - Adopt a new article 50 relating to the establishment of a standard process for review of development agreements.

Resolution 2018-008 - 400 and 500 Block of Esplanade Ave., Provide coastal access improvements.

Resolution 2018-009 - 560 San Pedro Ave., Wireless communications facility on an existing utility pole in the public right-of-way.

Resolution 2018-010 - 720 Oddstad Blvd., Wireless communications facility on an existing utility pole in the public right-of-way. 

Resolution 2018-011 - 505 San Pedro Ave., Construction of a three-building mixed-use project including a surf shop, surfboard rentals, surfboard shaping, outdoor showers, skate park, and two residential apartments.