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Skatepark Rules

This skatepark is for skateboard and skate use only. All other sports are prohibited.

Helmet, knee pads and elbow pads are required at all times. Failure to wear these items is a violation of Pacifica Municipal Code 4-10. 117B and is subject to citation as an infraction.

Non-skaters must remain outside the fence for safety reasons.

No pets are allowed inside the skatepark.

Waxing, altering obstacles and the use of additional ramps, jumps and obstacles are not allowed in the skatepark.

Keep food, glass, gum and drinks out of the skating area. Please use the trash cans.

This is a drug, alcohol, profanity and smoke-free area.

Respect each other and the surrounding neighbors.

No amplified music in the skatepark.

If the skatepark is vandalized or tagged, the city will close it until the vandalism is repaired. Graffiti and vandalism make it dangerous for skaters.

The skatepark is a "skate at your own risk" facility.

Be Sure You:

  • know your ability
  • skate within your limits
  • look both ways
  • take turns
  • watch out for beginners
  • call out before entering the bowl