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Linda Mar Beach (Pacifica State Beach)

The most well-loved and well-used beach in Pacifica!  Beach and parking lots hours are 5am to 10:30pm during Daylight Savings Time (Daylight Savings Time usually ends the first Sunday in November and resumes the second Sunday in March) 5am to 7pm  in the fall and winter.

Linda Mar Beach offers a recreation trail along the ocean, surfing and surf camps, restrooms and showers and is very popular with dogs (dogs must be on leash). Restrooms are open from 6am-10pm.

A parking receipt or pass is required to park in both the north and south Pacifica State Beach Parking lots on Highway 1 and the Crespi Parking Lot located on the corner of Crespi Dr. and Highway 1 adjacent to the Pacifica Community Center.

Daily Parking Fees
The daily fee to park one vehicle in the Parking Lots is $7.00 for a period of less than 4 hours and $9.00 for a period of more than 4 hours (or all day).  This fee is for one motor vehicle and is non-transferable.  This fee authorizes vehicle parking during paid parking hours on the calendar day (or the remaining portion thereof) that the fee is paid.  Once purchased, the daily permit must be placed face up on the dashboard of the vehicle so that it is viewable at all times by an enforcement official.

Annual Parking PassTo Purchase a Pass click here

For more information on the parking program click here

Surf Camps -2022

Adventure Out - 831-236-4212

Surf Camp Pacifica - 650-738-5757

University of Surfing - 650-359-1425

NorCal Surf Shop - 650-738-9283       

City Surf Project – 415-810-0905   

Brown Girl Surf – info@browngirlsurf.com



Here are the rules of Pacifica State Beach (aka Linda Mar Beach):

  • Dogs must be on leash and owners must clean up after the dogs
  • No smoking allowed on the beach, in the parking lots or in the restrooms
  • No alcohol or glass containers
  • Fires and BBQ grills are not permitted
  • Do not feed, touch, tease, frighten or intentionally disturb wildlife
  • No vendors or commercial business allowed
  • Groups of 50 or more must obtain a beach event permit. Call the Parks, Beaches and Recreation Dept. at 738-7381

Western Snowy Plovers
Seasonal fencing to protect the western snowy plover was installed north of the Crespi path entrance on the west side of the dunes at Pacifica State Beach in August of 2014 as part of the plan to protect the threatened bird.  The fencing will remain up until the plovers leave in mid-April and will be removed for the summer until mid-August each year.

In Pacifica, snowy plovers over-winter -- usually arriving mid-August and leaving sometime in March or April. During this time they fatten up on rich protein diet of kelp flies, beach hoppers, other insects and small invertebrates washed up on the beach, and occasionally in the back dunes. 

When not foraging, snowy plovers nestle down in the sand, low enough to be warmed by radiant heat and still have a view out to the sea. Their primary defense is sitting still and blending in.

These birds are on the federal endangered species list because with so many people now also using the beach, this main method of defense is not enough to keep them from being disturbed. The western Snowy Plover winter roosting population at Pacifica State Beach has declined by 75 percent over the last 12 years.


How you can help:

As always, throw away any trash in the garbage cans so as not to attract predators like ravens and crows. To avoid stressing the birds and other wildlife, please follow leash laws when you bring your pet to the beach. Walk or jog along the wet sand when possible.

View Pacific Currents Plover Public Service Announcement
Learn more about western snowy plovers here

Pacifica Shorebird Alliance



Pacifica Beach Coalition:

For the most up to date information visit: Pacifica Beach Coalition

 For more information on our Street to Beach Program visit: https://www.pacificbeachcoalition.org/street-beach-cleanups/

The Pacifica Beach Coalition organizes BEACH CLEANUPS each month, and everyone is welcome to join.

Saturday clean-ups are 9-11 AM
1st Saturday - Rockaway Beach: Meet at the seawall next to Nick's.
2nd Saturday - Sharp Park: Meet at the start of the levee on Beach Blvd at Clarendon.
3rd Saturday - Linda Mar State Beach: South end of the main parking lot just north of Taco Bell.
4th Saturday - Mussell Rock: Meet at the end of Westline Drive at the Mussell Rock car park.
2nd Tuesday - Esplanade Beach - 4 PM.
4th Sunday - Habitat Restoration at Linda Mar Beach - 10 AM - 12 Noon. 

Visit the Pacifica Beach Coalition Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/PacificBeachCoalition