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Short Term Rental Program

The term "short term rentals" (STRs) pertains to the rental of existing residential units to occupants on a short-term basis, generally less than 30 days.

STR hosts (or operators) located within the City of Pacifica are required to obtain a STR permit, a City of Pacifica Business License, and sign a STR Safety Declaration before offering STR accommodations.  Additionally, once STR accommodations are provided, the host/operator is required to collect and remit Transient Occupancy Taxes as required by City of Pacifica Municipal Code.  Here's more information:

  • SHORT TERM RENTAL PERMITS - The permit requires STR operators to meet certain health and safety requirements such as maintaining smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and informing all short-term renters of City ordinances such as noise restrictions and social host responsibilities. The permit fee is $150 annually, due on the same day as the business license renewal.
  • BUSINESS LICENSE - PMC Section 3-1.103 states that “It shall be unlawful for any person to transact and carry on any business, trade, profession, calling, or occupation in the City without first having procured a license from the City so to do and without complying with any and all applicable provisions of this chapter.”  PMC Section 3-1.206 states that Classification “E” businesses encompass motels and property management.  The rate for this license per Sec. 3-1.213 (e) for “businesses reporting less than Twenty-five Thousand and no/100ths ($25,000) Dollars of annual gross receipts shall pay a minimum of Forty and no/100ths ($40.00) Dollars; businesses reporting more than Twenty-five Thousand and no/100ths ($25,000) Dollars of annual gross receipts shall pay the minimum tax of Forty and no/100ths ($40.00) Dollars plus sixty-three cents (.63) per One Thousand and no/100ths Dollars of receipts over Twenty-five Thousand and no/100ths ($25,000) Dollars.”  Click here for information on Business License application/payment requirements.
  •  TRANSIENT OCCUPANCY TAXES (TOT) COLLECTION - Section 3-7.03 of the Pacifica Municipal Code already imposes a tax on the use of any structure in the City for short-term dwelling, lodging, or sleeping purposes in the amount of twelve (12%) percent of the rent charged by the operator.  Some online hosting platforms collect and remit TOT to the City on the STAR operator's behalf.  If your are utilizing an online hosting platform check with the platform to see if this service is offered.  Otherwise you can Click here for information on TOT submissions/payments. 


It is important for hosts/operators to adhere to the requirements for operating an STR. Owners are also responsible for ensuring their renters and their guests comply with this Ordinance.


STR nuisance activities, such as:

  • Loud after-hours parties or noise
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Illegal parking
  • Excessive and/or overflowing trash
  • Any activity that disrupts the neighborhood peace

    should be reported to the Pacifica Police Department and are subject to citation and fines.

    For questions or more information, contact the City of Pacifica Finance Department.