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The purpose of this notice is to comply with the City of Pacifica’s recently adopted Sanctuary City Ordinance No. 826 and to inform every person seeking City assistance or services that every department of the City provides equal access to City services and equal service when conducting business with the City regardless of their immigration status

The City will not inquire about a resident’s legal status for locally funded and administered programs and services.  The City may inquire about a resident’s immigration status only when entities other than the City of Pacifica (i.e. State of California, Federal programs, etc.) require such information for programs and/or services. 

Additionally, the City may not gather information regarding the immigration status of individual in the City for the sole purpose of enforcing federal immigration law.

For more information visit our website at www.cityofpacifica.org/sanctuary city

Please contact the City Manager’s Office at (650) 738-7301 if you have any questions regarding Ordinance No. 826 or this policy.