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Pacific Coast Fog Festival

Created in 1986 to promote Pacifica and its wonderful coastal environment, the Pacific Coast Fog Festival has become a longstanding coastside tradition taking place during the last weekend in September (historically Pacifica's least foggy time of year). Originally operated by the City of Pacifica, the festival has since been organized and run by various festival planning/production companies up to the present where it is spearheaded by the citizen-run Fog Fest Organizing Group (FFOG).

Originally, the idea to host a community festival came about at the recommendation of Pacifica's then Commercial Development Task Force, which had been charged with developing a strategy to increase local commercial development. Greater consideration of the idea was furthered by a committee comprised of representatives from the city council, Pacifica Tribune, chamber of commerce and community at large, who brought the Fog Fest plan to the full city council where it was adopted into existence by a 3-2 vote.  

Over the years, a variety of Fog Fest traditions have developed, including a hometown parade, Family Fun Fest (games and activities geared toward children and families), sand sculpture displays, Fog Jog & Stride, Surf Art Experience, Coastside Chowder Contest, Fog Bank Contest (guess the number of cotton balls in the container displayed at local banks) and annual photo contest. Fog Cutter, an award-winning drink created expressly for the Fog Fest, has been served every year since the festival's debut.

Though keeping tradition in mind, the Fog Fest continues to evolve as the event moves toward greater environmental responsibility as a "green" festival. Besides being a "smoke-free" event, the festival has committed to  reduce the amount of waste it generates by using bio-degradable products and placing high-visibility recycle stations throughout the festival area. Additionally, the Fog Fest continues to benefit local nonprofit organizations by sponsoring fundraising contests and donating event proceeds to worthy local causes. 

Whether it be arts and crafts for sale, artists and performers demonstrating their talents, wonderful food and drink to taste or fun games, contests and activities, the Fog Fest helps everyone enjoy Pacifica's wonderful coastside atmosphere.