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Pacifica's Name

Pacifica means "peaceful" in Spanish. However, the City of Pacifica did not receive its name from its Spanish foreparents. Pacifica's name was the product of a contest held in 1957 to find a name for the newly incorporated coastal city. The winning name was based on an 80-foot statue by sculptor Ralph Stackpole, created as the theme lady for the Golden Gate International Exposition. The Exposition was held on Treasure Island in 1939-40. The statue was destroyed after the fair was over but two of the sculptor's working models have been saved. One is over the front stairs at City Hall; the other sits in the City Council Chambers.

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Additional Reading: "How Did Pacifica Get Its Name?" by Grace McCarthy, Pacifica Tribune Tourist Guide, 1992. (You can find a copy in the Pacifica Library clipping file.)