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Business Guide

Dear Prospective Business Operator:

The City Council of Pacifica and the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors are interested in promoting a thriving business community and have developed this quick-reference guide to doing business in Pacifica.

This guide is designed to help you through the city's business permit process so that your business venture gets started properly. It offers a handy checklist of departments and agencies you may need to contact concerning the issuance of necessary permits to conduct business in Pacifica. You may not need every permit mentioned, nor will you need to contact each department or agency in the list. The number of permits and departments/agencies consulted will vary with the type of business you are proposing. Building and construction, as well as renovation of existing structures will require more preparation and processing time.

We strive to be as cooperative as possible so your business becomes a success. Pacifica's City Council and Chamber of Commerce recognize that the local economy depends on a thriving business sector. A successful business community increases employment opportunities, stabilizes our economy and improves our quality of life.

We are happy to welcome you to Pacifica!

Visit our checklist for a snapshot of departments and agencies you may need to contact before you do business in Pacifica.

We also have a brief description of local, state and federal requirements you may find handy. These areas cover everything from fictitious business names and zoning to workers' compensation and tax identification numbers.

 Starting a Business in Pacifica - a How To Guide

Additional Resources and Agencies to Contact When Starting Your Business in Pacifica