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Traffic Signal and Streetlight Services FY2020-21- FY 2023-2024 RFP



The City of Pacifica (“City”) is requesting the services of an electrical contracting firm which specializes in providing traffic signal and street light services, emergency repair, non-emergency routine preventative maintenance of traffic signal lights as well as scheduled repairs; new equipment upgrade and installation work; and ad hoc electrical work billed on a time and materials basis. The City has five (5) traffic signalized intersections and two thousand and seventeen (2017) street lights.


Street light preventative maintenance is not included in this RFP.


The City is also required to adequately mark all traffic signal conduit and equipment (Underground Service Alert – “USA”) in accordance with California Government Code Section 4216 et seq. The Contractor will be required to have qualified technicians that have demonstrated experience with traffic signal, street light systems, and other electrical work. The firm’s assigned personnel should also have the ability to troubleshoot and diagnose problems with all of the City’s electrical operation systems and perform Underground Service Alerts (USA).


The total amount of work available will be a function of routine maintenance plus the amount of work that is required due to normal “wear and tear,” collision, damage, vandalism, and other factors that may result in the need for emergency response maintenance services.


The City expects technicians to be regularly assigned to the City as necessary to provide preventative maintenance, and to respond to unscheduled or emergency work (“Extra Work”) after regular working hours (7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday).


Type RFP
Status Awarded
Date Available 7/9/2020
Due Date 8/13/2020
Contact Name Raymund Donguines
Contact Phone 650-738-3768
Contact Email donguinesr@ci.pacifica.ca.us
Pre Bid Meeting Date
Pre Bid Meeting Location
Awarded Date
Awarded To St. Francis Electric, LLC

Document Name Type
Traffic Signal and Streetlight Services RFP Addendum 1 pdf
Traffic Signal and Streetlight Services RFP Questions and Answers pdf