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What is the Utility Users Tax Exemption?

The Utility Users Tax is added to the PG&E bill each month.  It is 6.5% of the charge for gas and electricity.  Seniors over the age of 62 can apply to be exempt from the tax.  They should complete the Request for Exemption form which can be found on-line or obtained from City Hall, and return it with a copy of their PG&E bill, showing the name, address and account number, and a copy of proof of birth, such as Driver's License.  The name on the PG&E bill and the proof of birth must be the same. 

170 Santa Maria Avenue

CA 94044
Phone: 650-738-7392
Fax: 650-738-7411

Where is the Seniors Center?

It is located at 540 Crespi Dr. in Pacifica
For more information, call 650-738-7384

540 Crespi Drive

CA 94044
Phone: 650-738-7384