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Family Recreation Swim Schedule

There is no Family Recreation Swim at this time due to COVID 19 Restrictions

Fees: Youth & Seniors- $5 per swim, 10 pass-$45, 20 pass-$85
           Adults- $6 per swim, 10 pass $54, 20 pass- $99
Passes may be purchased at the Brink Pool and have no expiration date.

Children must be 6 years of age, 48” tall and be water safe to swim unattended, or they must be accompanied in the water one-on-one with an adult. No personal flotation devices allowed.

Pool Closure Dates:

1/10/20 (After 2 pm)      Meet Set-Up     
1/11-12/20                       Swim Meet
1/20/20                             MLK Holiday

2/17/20                             Presidents Day
3/20/20 (After 2 pm)      Meet Set-Up 
3/21-22/20                       Swim Meet

Contact Information
Aquatics Recreation Coordinator, Anthony Schriver (650) 738-7461 
Jean E. Brink Pool (650) 738-7460