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Wet Weather Equalization Basin

Wet Weather Equalization Basin (EQ Basin)

UPDATED 2/6/19

Project Overview

The City’s sewer system is subject to infiltration and inflow of extraneous groundwater and stormwater, which result in high water flows and exceed the capacity of the sewer system during storm events. When the capacity of the sewer system is exceeded, sanitary sewer overflows (SSO) occur and the sewer water gets backed up and spill into public streets.

The EQ Basin is being constructed to eliminate SSOs related to capacity from occurring in the City. This project consists of constructing a 2.1 million gallon capacity basin tank and a new conveyance pipe to divert the high water flows into the basin.

After receiving public input, the EQ Basin was determined to be constructed near the Community Center on the East side parking lot.

Project Schedule

As of January 2019, all three levels of bracing in the basin that were installed have been removed. The construction crews are completing the mechanical and electrical work for the basin. The roof enclosure for the basin will be installed next month.

Project is scheduled to be completed May 2019.

Below are photos of the EQ Basin as of January 2019.

For More Information on the EQ Basin Project:

Quick Fact Sheet on EQ Basin project

EQ Basin Project Overview Information Sheet

12/12/2016 Presentation to City Council on the EQ Basin Project - a project update on the EQ Basin Project as presented at the City of Pacifica Council Meeting on December 12, 2016.

In accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the City of Pacifica prepared and released a Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration/Initial Study (MND/IS) for public review. Hardcopies of the document can be reviewed at the City of Pacifica Planning Department, 1800 Francisco Blvd.

Fact Sheet for more information on CEQA Public Comment Period for EQ Basin Project

Wet Weather Equalization Basin Site Feasibility Evaluation - Final
Addendum to Wet Weather Equalization Basin Site Feasibility Evaluation