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Beach Blvd. Infrastructure Resiliency Project

Increased severity of maintenance, failures, and overtopping along the north Beach Boulevard Seawall combined with projected sea level rise leaves both Beach Boulevard and the West Sharp Park neighborhood vulnerable to potential infrastructure and private property losses in the future. In order to plan for this future, the City is undertaking a comprehensive analysis of current and projected future conditions of the entirety of Beach Boulevard in order to put forth a project that makes the area safe and inviting for residents and visitors alike. 

The project will have the following three phases of work with estimated schedules below:

Phase 1 - Feasibility Study - June 2020 to April 2021

Phase 2 - Design, Environmental & Permitting - May 2021 to Feb 2022

Phase 3 - Construction - Summer 2022

The City is currently kicking off the initial feasibility study for the Project. The project will focus on four main areas along Beach Boulevard, pictured below. The north wall in red, the pier wall system in yellow, the south wall in green, and the south gap in blue.


The initial phase of work focuses on assessing current and future conditions. From the gathered information, project alternatives will then be formulated and ranked based upon an approved ranking system.

Throughout this process, the City will be engaging the public to solicit their feedback regarding the area and what they would like to see in the area. While the details for this engagement are being worked out and the team is working on gathering and reviewing relevant data.

Should you have any questions regarding the project, please feel free to contact the project manager, Ryan Marquez at marquezr@ci.pacifica.ca.us. If you would like to be notified about project updates and notifications of workshops, please submit your email information below.

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