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Crisis Intervention

When personal issues worsen beyond the normal challenges of daily life, crises can occur that negatively impact individuals, families, neighborhoods and ultimately the community. Rather than solely responding to situations already at crisis levels, law enforcement works to help members of the community learn to cope with their challenges before they develop into problems that require outside intervention.

Though crises affect people of all ages and circumstances, certain demographics face unique challenges, including children, teenagers, women and seniors. Fortunately, there are practices everyone can exercise to help cope with the difficulties of life. And many resources exist within the community to serve individuals and families who need outside help.

The Pacifica Police Department has compiled a directory of city and county resources to help individuals avoid potential crises or deal with an existing crisis. Download and print the below file or come into the police station to pick up a copy from the literature rack in the lobby. Also, the Peninsula Library System has compiled a Community Information Handbook that contains many useful resources.