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Proposed Pacifica Quarry Reclamation Project

Proposed Pacifica Quarry Reclamation Project

An application has been submitted by Bayland Soil Pacifica LLC for approval of a quarry reclamation plan.  The application is known as File No. 2016-001 and includes Quarry Use Permit  UP-71-16.

An approved quarry reclamation plan will allow the former quarry to be reclaimed as required by Title 9, Chapter 2 of the Pacifica Municipal Code and by the California Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA).  The quarry is located west of the intersection of Coast Highway and Reina del Mar Avenue.

Application materials and other information are posted here.  The application is complete and the City is evaluating potential impacts under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Application Forms/Materials

Development Permit Application

Reclamation Plan

Exhibit 1 - Regional Location Map

Exhibit 2 - Local Setting Map

Exhibit 3 - Site Locations Map

Exhibit 4 - Revegetation Plan

Appendix A - Legal Descriptions

Appendix B - Vegetation Map and Assessment

Appendix C - Geotechnical Report

Appendix D - Wetlands and Habitat Delineation (West Parcel)

Appendix D.1 - Wetlands and Habitat Delineation (East Parcel)

Appendix E - Wetland Mitigation Plan

Appendix F - Special Status Species Assessment

Appendix G - Historical and Cultural Assessment

Appendix H - Access Plan

Appendix I - Grading Plans & Slope Exhibit

Appendix J – C.3 and C.6 Drainage Checklist

Appendix K - Hydrology Report

Appendix L - Traffic Analysis

Appendix M - Heritage Tree Survey


Please contact Senior Planner Christian Murdock at murdockc@ci.pacifica.ca.us or (650) 738-7444 with any questions you may have about the reclamation plan.