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Adventure Camp


Ages:       5-8 yrs
Hours:     8:00AM-4:00PM

 Camper’s experience some of the best parts of childhood including making new friends, learning independence, and going on endless adventures with the most passionate, creative, and qualified staff. Every day the campers will be a part of a community that encourages trying new things, kindness, exploration, cooperation, and having fun! Weekly activities include games, crafts, sensory play, science experiments, songs, and field trips. Some sessions include a BBQ at Frontierland park!


Ages:        8-12 yrs
Hours:       8:00AM-4:00PM

Campers experience the adventure and excitement of the outdoors, meet new friends, and express their growing independence under the supervision of qualified and caring recreation staff. Camp activities include games, sports, weekly field trips, crafts, environmental education, science, songs, skits, water activities, and the infamous Color Wars. Some sessions include recreational swimming, trip to the park, or a BBQ picnic at Frontierland Park.



Ages:        10-13 yrs
Hours:       8:00AM-4:00PM

Campers will experience an athletic training program 3 hours a day focused on developing the complete athlete in a fun and supportive environment. Designed for those interested in cross training, this program will focus on all aspects of designing a personal and balanced workout with weekly sports, physical activities, cross country running, and much more! Camp size is extremely limited to provide individual attention and coaching opportunities in all activities. Please note the Trailblazer Campers will spend majority of their day with the Explorers Campers.


Ages:       5-13 yrs
Hours:      4:00PM-6:00PM

Cannot quite make it at 4:00 PM to pick up your camper? We offer extended care from 4:00 until 6:00 PM so you can work, take your favorite afternoon yoga class, hit the gym or run errands. Campers may choose from a variety of activities from organized craft projects and board games to playing sports or talking with friends. Activities vary daily.

Note: Camper must be registered for the Trailblazer Camp, Explorers Camp, or Pioneers Camp programs in order to enroll. Campers from all three camps will be combined during after camp care.


Ages8-13 yrs

This drop-in/out program is great for those campers who want to hang close to home or for those busy campers who want to experience camp as well as maintain their other extracurricular activities.  Activities include games, sports, crafts, songs, playground play, skits, water activities, and some field trips (extra fee may apply). Please note: This program mainly stays on-site. No proration’s.



Ages:        8-13 yrs
Hours:      8:00AM-4:00PM

Just want to go on the field trip and not do camp? No problem! Campers will enjoy the thrills of all of our summer trips. Pick up/drop off location must be noted at time of registration to accommodate bus count.  


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