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Filming and Photography on the Beaches/in the Parks

The issuing of all permits have been suspended until further notice due the COVID pandemic

Are you interested in obtaining a film or still photography permit to shoot on a Pacifica beach or in one of our parks? Here are the basic things you need to know:

  • Please start by calling the Parks, Beaches and Recreation Dept. at 650-738-7378
  • Fill out this form so we know what you are planning.
  • We need at least 2 weeks notice to process a permit
  • Commercial rates start at $600/day for a small project. A major commercial permit starts at $900 plus additional fees may be determined based on number of vehicles, impact on area, staff time, etc. 
  • Student project/Non-profit rate: $100 (students must show ID, non-profits must submit non-profit status letter)