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Adult Swim Schedule

Wednesday Night
7:30 - 9:00 PM*
 * Please note that there are other programs going on at this time.
8-9:30 AM
11-1 PM
For the enjoyment and safety of all our lap swimmers, please be sure to follow these courtesy rules:

  • NO diving into the water!  Enter feet first.
  • Swimmers need to share lanes when the pool becomes crowded and utilize the circle method of swimming when there are three or more swimmers per lane.  If there are two swimmers per lane, you should mutually agree to swim in a straight line using half a lane each.
  • Swim full laps.
  • If you need to stop at the walls, move to the side so others may continue swimming.
  • Be aware of other swimmers near you - on either side, or in front of you.  It is your responsibility not to swim into the feet of the person in front of you.

Staff should not have to be referees.  We ask your cooperation so that a courteous and friendly attitude will continue to prevail during our Lap Swim Programs.
Adults $6                                         Seniors $5
20 time swim pass $99                 20 time swim pass $85
10 time swim pass $54                 10 time swim pass $45

Pool Closure Dates:

1/10/20 (After 2 pm)      Meet Set-Up     
1/11-12/20                       Swim Meet
1/20/20                             MLK Holiday

2/17/20                             Presidents Day
3/20/20 (After 2 pm)      Meet Set-Up 
3/21-22/20                       Swim Meet