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Cannabis Business Program


In March, 2017, the City of Pacifica began the extensive process of creating regulations for the operation of cannabis businesses in Pacifica.  This process involved the work of City staff, the Planning Commission, and the City Council.  On July 10, 2017, the Pacifica City Council adopted ordinances requiring cannabis businesses to obtain a Cannabis Public Safety License and a Cannabis Use Permit to lawfully operate in the City of Pacifica.

The application process and timeline for each portion of the application processes are indicated below.   Links to the required application forms are located within the appropriate Phase.


Phase 1:  Application Period Begins 12/12/2017 (Deadline 1/10/2018)

Phase 1 applications approved/denied by 2/9/2018

Contact info for Phase 1 is police@pacificapolice.org or 650-738-7314

 Phase 2: Application Period Begins 2/12/2017 (Deadline 2/26/2018)
  • $400 Security Plan review fee to Police Department (fee for each location)
  • Submit one Security Plan for each proposed business site to Police Department (each applicant must prepare a Security Plan for each site).  Security plans must satisfy the conditions of PMC § 4-16.03(c)(1)

Phase 2 applications/plans approved/denied by 3/21/2018

Contact info for Phase 2 is police@pacificapolice.org or 650-738-7314

Phase 3: Application Period Begins 3/22/2017 (Deadline 4/20/2018)

  • Complete Cannabis Use Permit process (the Cannabis Use Permit process is expected to take several months)
  • $10,000 deposit for processing required for each Cannabis Use Permit Application.  Actual cost is based on time and materials
  • Random lottery will be conducted at 4 PM on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at the Pacifica Community Center (540 Crespi Drive)

Contact info for Phase 3 is pacificaplanningdept@ci.pacifica.ca.us at 650-738-7341

 Phase 4: Police Chief Issues Cannabis Public Safety License
  • Police Chief verifies continued compliance with Phase 1 & Phase 2 Requirements, and confirms Cannabis Use Permit issuance
  • Police Chief issues Cannabis Public Safety License
  • Cannabis Operation must obtain State License before commencing operation

Contact info for Phase 4 is police@pacificapolice.org or 650-738-7314



Denial of a Public Safety License or Cannabis Use Permit is appealable to the Pacifica City Council.

All potential applicants are urged to review Pacifica Municipal Code 4-16.01, for further requirements bearing on the application process. The absence of any required component in the application, or the failure to meet any requirement, shall be grounds for rejection of the application. Fees are non-refundable.

Please note that it shall be the responsibility of the applicant to continue to check the City’s website for any updated information regarding the application process.

Cannabis Public Safety License Application

Cannabis Use Permit Application - Phase 3

Cannabis Public Safety License Ordinance

Cannabis Zoning Ordinance/Cannabis Use Permit

Cannabis Overlay Districts (Permissible Cannabis Retail Operation Locations)

Cannabis Qualified Registration List

Links to other relevant information:

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Additional questions or concerns? Contact us at cmoffice@ci.pacifica.ca.us or 650-738-7300.